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23.04.2020 03:14
In Hemingway's Antworten

In Hemingway's writing, "but a person is not born to defeat, you can wipe him out as much as possible, but you can't beat him". Perseverance; Mencius has "the sky falls to the responsibility of the people, must suffer first." The bravery of his mind, his muscles and bones, and his skin are hungry; Zheng Banqiao wrote the tenacious will to "bite the green mountains and not relax, the roots are in the broken rocks." Everyone who has come and gone has faced difficulties all the time, and everybody who has done something has always faced challenges, faced ups and downs, stepped up against the current, and moved forward courageously. Indeed, a person ��s life is like a voyage, destined to have wind and waves; a person ��s life is like an adventure, and there must be danger; a person ��s life is like a long-distance run, and stumbling blocks may appear at your feet at all times. But when different people encounter the same situation, there are always different choices. Some people choose to try to cross the obstacles, but some people are helpless and stop. Of course, we must choose the former and be a person who dares to face adversity. But how can one be a person who is not afraid of difficulties and willing to challenge? First, be confident and face the ups and downs, try to go through, try to go over, and never give up like the life of US President Lincoln It is a symphony of tragic fate, more like a mighty, bizarre, even unbelievable history of struggle. Lincoln had a poor family since childhood, his father worked as a shoe repairer, and his mother was unemployed at home. He lost his father as a child and had to drop out of school at home. He had divorced twice in his life, lost his mother in middle age, lost the election of mayor once, failed twice in running for the Senate of Congress, and failed once in running for the vice president of the United States. He never gave up, he tasted the pain that ordinary people can't imagine, and paid the hardship that ordinary people can't experience. When he ran for the presidency of the United States, a reporter asked him: "What made you persevere until today?" Lincoln said with a smile: "It is self-confidence, I believe that I can do better than others, I believe in myself There is a big heart. "Lincoln's answer won applause and respect. The case of Lincoln tells us that self-confidence is an essential source of motivation. Secondly, not being impetuous, not discouraged, and always being calm and calm is also an essential quality for successful challengers Cheap Cigarettes. In the 1920s, there was a girl named Elizabeth. Her dream was to travel through the Amazon rainforest alone. At the age of 17, she began to challenge the world record like this. After 168 days of desperate struggles against nature and the challenges of survival of beasts and insects, she was still 200 meters away from success. She was almost desperate and exhausted. Under strong psychological pressure, she gave up, and when she learned that she was only one step away from success, she was desperate. This also became a regret in her life. In real life, there are many people like Elizabeth who have not maintained an optimistic attitude. There are many people who fail to remain calm and calm, and fail to retain perseverance. Finally, being a difficult challenger also requires good psychological qualities Online Cigarettes. This is exactly a stimulant to help you overcome the ups and downs and cross the new life. The real brave man is not afraid of bumps and turns. As long as we raise the sail of self-confidence, sound the horn of optimism, and embark on the ferry forward, we will have to break through the waves, fight the sea, and welcome the first dawn of dawn.

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