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23.04.2020 03:14
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In the southeast, it is a triumphant city, the three Wus, and Gusu has flourished since ancient times. Qili Mountain Pond, a thousand-year-old style, has 100,000 families. ����Inscription on spring, you are blurred in a poetic picture in the drizzle; in summer, you recall the past in the bustling crowd; in autumn, you send away the last boat in the slowly passing autumn water; in winter, you leave white snow Decorate carefully. You, Jiangnan in my dream, with my longing for Jiangnan in the dream, we walked into the ancient street in the northwest of the ancient city of Su-Shantang Street Marlboro Red. Shantang Street is adjacent to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and just across the river from Suzhou City. In ancient times, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal was well-developed with water transportation, and Shantang Street with convenient transportation prospered and gathered a large number of merchants. Until the Song Dynasty a thousand years ago, Shantang took shape and became a famous ancient town on the canal. However, after experiencing the rise and fall of the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties, it became the ancient Qitang Shantang Street that we see today. Walking into Shantang Street, from afar, it is a street that coexists with water-the Shantang River flows equally with the street, and large and small rivers tie this ancient street like a jade belt. Approaching the ancient street, the first thing to see is a royal stele pavilion. There is a Qianlong royal stele standing in the center of the pavilion, with several engraved characters "Qili Mountain Pond" engraved on the stele. Moving on, my toes lightly tapped on the smooth blue stone slabs. They were like an old man, silently telling me about the glorious times where business travelers once gathered. Along the ancient bluestone slabs, we continued to move forward. There were all kinds of shops on the roadside, many of which were centuries-old brands. For a time, the flags were spread, and the bustling crowds became my favorite people on the ancient streets. memory. Most of the houses built along the street are buildings of the Qing Dynasty, that is, the ancient city, and through the alleys of these buildings, we can see the antique square behind the city building, that is, the residential area, Jiangnan is rich in water Cheap Cigarettes, so the pillows of Jiangnan folk houses Water, the residential houses on Shantang Street are also close to the water. When you open the window, you can see the jade belt-like river and the occasional boat passing by. This is not a different kind of elegant water town. The quaint blue bricks, the high horse-headed walls, and the white walls of Deva, there is a big house-Anhui Guild Hall before our eyes. At that time, the Huizhou merchants on the rich side gathered here to talk about business, and the tall Ma Tau wall contained many legends of Caitong. Our footsteps slowed down, wandering leisurely on the blue stone road, all the dreams were fascinating, the boat was slowly drifting, and the boat song sung by Wu Nong's soft words came from the wind. Innocent children chased, several foreigners drinking tea leisurely by the river, the gurgling water reflected the ancient street quietly swaying ahead, there was a small bridge Marlboro Cigarettes, walking on the small bridge, I stared at the slow In the declining river, as the sun went down, several painting boats were moored quietly on the bank of the river. The shadows of the classical southern houses of Jiangnan with white walls on the west bank of the river reflected in the water appeared to be extraordinarily soft. That Qili Shantang Ancient Street, in the sunset, vaguely transformed into the eternal Jiangnan in the dream.
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