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ed cultural people to eat in the room, and the others sat on the small table in the courtyard. Jia Zhangke and Wang Jing (director, Shanxi nationality, non-Hong Kong nationality) they also ate in the yard, but not surprisingly they ate differently from ours. I also took time to take a picture with Jia Zhangke and Bai Ke. They are very easy-going. I said if they could take a picture together, they agreed without a nonsense. Since the afternoon, the film has really become an industrial product. Technological progress and management changes have greatly changed the organization of the film industry And production methods. In the original film shooting era, there were a large number of films. Only three times the number of films was shot, and unlimited shooting was not possible. Now that it is digital, you can do it again and again until the director feels satisfied. The crew includes a props group, a field service group, and a camera group. Everyone has a clear division of labor, an organized and efficient organization of the filming process. Director Wang Jing has high demands on himself and others, usually a scene is shot seven or eight times. Even more, you have to shoot at different angles, and you also have to record sound specifically, so that you can take the ideal shot. It is normal to take pictures at ninety in the evening. Shooting for more than ten hours a day, the usable estimate will not exceed 20 minutes, and the final editing will not exceed five minutes per day. When others filmed, whether it was the lead role, the supporting role or the group performance, they were waiting from beginning to end Cigarettes Online. There is really no industry that is lying down to make money. Everyone is working hard and it is not easy. My role is a reporter in the newspaper. The actor is acting next to me. I pretend to be working seriously, sometimes answering the phone, sometimes typing, and sometimes talking to colleagues about business matters. I also took the time to secretly go to the director's studio and watched the filming. I was frustrated to find that everything except the actors on the screen was virtual, that is to say, I was just a human background. I was thinking, why do professional journalists come for group performances, can it be seen from the shadows that when the real and fake shootings are intermittently resting, everyone gathers in twos and threes to chat together. For our nine group performances, for some common reason, everyone naturally came together. I found that people in different industries are quite different. From talking to looking, to doing things, it is very different from what I do in finance. This is either the influence of the industry, or there is already a natural choice before entering the industry. There was a little reporter girl around 1990, who was smoking a mint-flavored cigarette gracefully during the break, and looked cool. When I asked her when she started smoking, she said that when she was a reporter, sometimes she felt more stressed, so she smoked and decompressed. There was a group show, and I was envious of seeing others smoking cigarettes. I was also envious of seeing others playing a role with a line Cheap Cigarettes. Taking food only for his own, returning home to rub others' cars for granted, I felt unhappy from the bottom of my heart. I thought that people's nature is very different, but some people are selfish and greedy, and should not be the object of communication. After that, they should also quickly judge and leave quickly. One of the things I am not very happy about is that I have arrived in a new organization, especially a loose organization like this one. Because there is no administrative hierarchy, everyone ��s position and voice in the organization are Established again. I may have been in the management post in the unit for too long and always like to express it in my own way. But in this new loose temporary organization, my set is totally unworkable, and others seem not to buy my account. I gradually realized that the respect for me in the unit is likely to come from my position, not from others. When you are in another group, other people will not have the patience to listen to your chatter, and there is no obligation to tolerate your overbearing noon and night shooting. It makes me even more frustrated. The deputy director wanted to act in a scene that specifically answered the phone, and the person I chose was not me; it was not me who wanted to take part in the conference shooting; nor was it me who wanted to speak a line with the lead. He even told me that you are sitting in the seat and calling you when you need it; if someone else takes your seat, you can sit next to it and wait. The camera is far away from me. Sitting on the seat and watching others filming in the distance, my mind fell into confusion: Is it because I am too old? No, the buddy who plays the leading role is older than me in actual age; isn't it my appearance? Nor is it, I think that looks are not too good or too stupid; is I too like a reporter? Where can I see it ... Maybe my expectations for this group performance are too high. Perhaps for a long time, others have always been careful to shine the spotlight on me. I have not paid much attention to the feelings of others outside the aura. I understand now, group performances are divided into positive and non-faced ones, and they can be played or not; group performances are also divided into those with lines and those without lines. I originally thought that I could do as well as they did, but now it seems that either I have overestimated my ability or I have underestimated the requirements for acting in a movie. The performing arts industry is even more naked and cruel than other industries, even a bit of hypocritical love. If you do n��t have considerable strength or background, expecting others to give you an opportunity is tantamount to waiting for charity Marlboro Gold, which is unrealistic and dangerous. This is how I went through a group performance. I think that what I get in the end is not critical. What is important is that I get a new experience, observe and experience things that I have n��t seen before, and look at myself from another angle Soul perception.
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