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23.12.2019 02:15
Today, I read The Antworten

Today, I read The Little Dumas on My Own, and I felt deeply in my heart. I wrote this article. "Self-Reliant Little Dumas" mainly wrote: Xiao Duoma always encountered the difficulty of "no reputation Marlboro Cigarettes, despised by others" when he first started writing. As a result, his famous father then let him use his reputation to write. But Xiao Zhongma resolutely rejected his father's method and continued to write on his own. In the end, with his own efforts, Xiao Zhongma wrote the book "La Traviata", which became world-famous. After reading the article "Little Dumas on My Own", I was deeply moved. Because, at the time, if Zhong Zhong's father tried to find a way for Xiao Zhong Ma, Xiao Zhong Ma promised his father to write according to his father's name. There has been much discussion. But Xiao Zhongma did not do so, but opened up a path of his own. This made me understand: whatever we do, we have to achieve it with our own hands, do not always think about relying on others. After reading this story, I couldn't help thinking of my cousin's growth experience: When his cousin was in elementary school, his parents had already "made good friends", paving the way for his cousin's growth. However, this "good relationship" is a "double-edged sword". The advantage is that it can help his cousin have a "high starting point"; but the disadvantage is that his cousin has developed a bad habit of "dependence." Because when my cousin was in the third grade, after learning about his parents' "good relationship", his learning became a mess. Not only did he not listen carefully in class, he didn't finish his homework after class, but he always made some "mix friends" every day. He lived by playing mobile phones and watching TV, so that he had a 75-point test in a final exam, but he always thought, "Huh! Anyway, I have parents and mothers who don't have a good" protective umbrella "test. What a big deal, I You can achieve something without hard work, too. "So he" stretched his tongue, made a grimace, passed it with a smile, and left it alone. " His parents Carton Of Cigarettes, teachers, and classmates racked their brains. They stay up all day and night, deeply worried about his future. His life continued until the second grade. On the second day, the "protective umbrella" his parents gave him was finally "broken" by his negative and inertia. Although his parents made the phone as hot as a stove, it didn't help. After all, he fell into an ordinary class in the 12th grade. Now he feels sadness and shame, but it also makes him understand: "The" wealth "that depends on others is not eternal, but created by his own hands." Wealth 'is eternal. " So, since then, he has been studying hard day and night. He completely discarded the TV, computer and mobile phone that he used to rely on, and read books every day. At 12 o'clock, he completed each page carefully. Each item. Every day's homework, there was no difference in class. Finally, Dripping through the stone, with his own hard work and perseverance, with his own strength, with a good score, he was admitted to a key university. As Napoleon said, "Many people are not enough to rely on, and to live by themselves. "So, we are human beings. When we do things, we don't always think about relying on others, but rely on our own hands to achieve our goals. This is what the book" Relying on Your Little Dumas "tells me.
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