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23.12.2019 02:17
In this summer vacation Antworten

In this summer vacation, I read a book-"Annual Ring". After reading it, it made me understand the value of friendship in the world. Although I have never penetrated into the deeper literary meaning and true meaning of life in "Annual Ring", I truly appreciate the passionate friendship in the novel, a thing that cannot be changed by the annual ring-the truth, kindness, and beauty of friendship . The protagonist in "Annual Ring" experienced natural disasters in the 1960s, the vigorous "Cultural Revolution", the magical Great Northern Wilderness, and the most touching thing is the human performance brought about by the drastic social changes, twists and turns. And our younger generation now has no such flustered experience, and some have a stable, or comfortable life. It is difficult to imagine from the heart how Wang Xiaosong survived such turbulent days. But at least after reading the "Annual Ring", I deeply realized that no matter whether life is poor or rich, friendship is always indispensable. The truthfulness, kindness, and beauty of friendship allow people in trouble to overcome difficulties and get out of distress and hope. As the saying goes, "Rely on parents at home and friends on the go." Humans cannot exist in society in isolation. Therefore, friends are very important Cheap Cigarettes. Friendship is very precious. Friendship is like a lamp in the dark that warms your heart; friendship is like the same warm hands. If you fall in fate, it will help you up; A wooden board, when you are overturned by a raging wave, it will float over to rescue you. Real friends will help you a lot. For example, Guan Zhong in the Spring and Autumn Period, because of the selfless help of a friend, Bao Shuya Carton Of Cigarettes, made him the prime minister in the end, and became a generation of bright faces in the history of our country. During the Three Kingdoms period, Liu Bei was born to death with friends Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and he did not attempt to repay the battle. Another example is Chen Zhong and Lei Yi at the turn of the knees Newport 100S, and at the turn of the neck, the relatives like Lian Po. These living examples explain the great help our friends have for us. As the same sentence says: if friendship is missing in life, it is like a lack of flowers in the earth, and it becomes boring. Therefore, we must cherish the friendship we have. In today's society, the relationship between people is becoming more and more profitable and monetized. In the eyes of some people, the inestimable wealth of friendship has been replaced by money without temperature. In fact, the kinship and friendship between people in society is the bond of interpersonal relationships. Excessive pursuit of materialization will only make us more indifferent and lose our nature. But what I believe is: no matter how long or long the history rolls, it will grind out the unique truth of each era. As the saying goes: True friendship is like phosphorous fire-it looks brightest in the darkest moments around you. It can be seen from this: Friends are one of the most important people in our lives. Therefore, we must cherish everyone in life, and cherish each piece of friendship in life. Only the time can turn, and what cannot turn is the friendship in the world. We must believe that the material will eventually decay and the spirit will last forever! Let's cherish every friendship in life
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