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23.11.2019 01:40
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In life, some of us may say that life is too dull and not happy at all Cheap Cigarettes. In fact, happiness is close to us. Are not all the bits and pieces of life happy? Reunion with family, a warm blessing... Happiness is as simple as that. I am still unforgettable about the happiness. It was a summer camp. We are divided into three groups. I went to the Nanshan Giant Buddha in the scenic spot Marlboro Cigarettes. After lunch, the most conspicuous thing that we came to the front of the scenic spot was that the big Buddha sitting on the throne of the lotus had entered the scenic spot, and the red sun was high, hanging in the sky, shining with dazzling light, we flow Sweat, sweat by a drop. It turned into a small river, from the top of the head to the tip of the hair. Finally slowly dripping on the ground. We are under the guidance of the teacher. Follow the guide. Gradually climb the steep slope. The slope is very steep, like a mountain climber. Even so, from time to time, the car whizzed past. Every step of the way requires great courage. Slightly loose the whole person's center of gravity straight to the back. Very dangerous! I looked back. It is like a climber looking down the bottom of the mountain. I swallowed and continued to climb up. After a while, the tour guide asked us to look at the map. God is so tired, actually only half way. The stop and stop along the way, the team has begun to disperse, and when it comes to the back, the road is getting steeper. Some people, can't hold on, simply sit down and rest. Some people bite their teeth and move up and gradually pull away. Even if the teacher stops the person in front, the whole rest. But it is also a drop in the bucket. At this time I saw that the person in front slowly folded back and pulled the hand of the person behind. And encourage each other, say, come on, and rest a little. Because of my stomachache, I walked far and wide at the end of the team. Several people, rushed back from the front and asked me: "Are you alright?" "If you can't take a break, we are waiting for you." A warm stream flows from my heart to my stomach. I took the courage and straightened up. Speaking: "Let's go, I'm fine. After almost a few hours of travel, we finally came to the Nanshan Big Buddha. Under the guidance of the tour guide, we learned that the Nanshan Big Buddha actually has 360 steps! So high, how Can climb up, we are exhausted. The sun is getting higher and higher, it has risen to the top of the head, it seems to be all the heat is emitted. The sweat flows down by drop. The water on the body has already been drunk, and the mouth is dry. Some people have given up, a little girl was crying, teacher, hurry to comfort her, encourage her, a male teacher said that cheering, all the students are finished, we can rest. We have a teacher with a box of water. We listened like a group of hungry wolves and rushed to the top of the mountain. It seemed to have exhausted the exhaustion and sweating. Some people are completely exhausted Cigarettes For Sale. Sitting on the steps. I said to them: "Come on, we can drink water when our water is above." "When I finished, I helped him and ran to the top of the mountain. When we reached the top of the mountain, we sat down and took a bottle of water. The cool wind blew from the top. I felt happy. Thinking about this road, How difficult it is. When there are difficulties, we help each other to encourage each other and make breakthroughs together. Isn't this happiness? How simple is happiness, happiness is the warmth of encouragement when you encounter difficulties. Happiness is you When you meet the darkness, you find a glimmer of joy. Happiness is as simple as that.
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