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Happiness is as simple as a stormy night, and I practice dancing with my friends in the practice room. We are like butterflies in the garden, quietly dancing with light dance steps, and we can't hear the wind and rain outside. After an hour, I will be off class. I held hands with my friends and walked toward the gate. "Oh! When is the rain coming outside?" The friend said: "It��s raining, no need to make a fuss, and the rain stops and then go." I stroked my little heart and said, "Okay, only It��s like this.�� We waited, waited, waited until the rain stopped and ten minutes passed. Fifteen minutes passed, and the irritated heart never stopped. My friend was so anxious, I ran upstairs at a fast pace, asked the dance teacher to borrow an umbrella and got me in front of me and said, "Come, hit the umbrella and go home quickly." Suddenly, the dark clouds in my heart disappeared. I opened the umbrella and said, "Go, I will send you, then I will go home or I will go home first, then you will go home with an umbrella." She stood still and seemed to be thinking about something. She frowned and looked at the umbrella. In fact, both of us know that the umbrella is too small to stop the heads of our two. I said, "I will borrow an umbrella again." After that, I was preparing to go upstairs. Suddenly, she took my arm and said, "Don't go, leave this umbrella for me to bring it." When she finished, she picked up a piece of cardboard from the ground, blocked it on her head, ran to the rain and shouted: "You go home with an umbrella! My home is near, I will be home soon." I am holding an umbrella. Standing in the rain, watching her run in the rain, the splash of water under her feet seems to drip on my heart, but every drop of water is warm and melts my heart. "The sea memory confidant, the end of the world if you are next to each other", having such a good friend is like having the whole world; having such a good friend will not feel cold anymore; if you have such a good friend Marlboro Lights, you will not be afraid of the wind and rain. Happiness is as simple as an umbrella in the rain. She thinks for you all the time, even if it is only a small thing for you, you will be very happy and very happy. [Chapter 4] I have asked many people, "What is happiness?" Someone said: "Life is too boring, happiness is too far away from me." Some people say, "It is happiness to have a meal with your family Cheap Cigarettes." Someone said: "Happiness is around me, but I can't hold it." What is happiness? Happiness in my eyes is to give you a hug when you are scared, and to listen to your cry when you are sad. That was a thing that happened in my elementary school and it was hard for me to forget it forever! That year I was just in the third grade. Because of my cheerful personality, I quickly got together with other students, but there are only two or three who can be friends with me. We eat together, learn together, and run together. However, one day.. that afternoon, when I was in physical education class, I accompanied the physical education teacher to get sports equipment. I took the sports equipment and sent it back to the students. Everyone took the sports equipment and started to play with each other. Then I Looking for my good friend to play, I quietly walked behind the good friend Xiao Zizi, trying to scare her, then I heard Xiao Zizi and Xiao Meng's dialogue. Xiao Zizi said to Xiaomeng: "Xiao Meng! I don't really like Xiao Song at all Newport Cigarettes. If she didn't buy sugar for me every day, who would play with him! Ah! I was shocked and shook my head. Is it just the little son I know? No! No, it must not be! Xiaomeng was shocked after listening. She said: You are not the favorite to play with Xiao Song? How can you say this, too Excessive! I can only walk away silently, as if my soul has already flown away. Maybe I heard the sound, Xiaozi turned his head and saw me, but like nothing happened, he ran to stick I, play with me. Xiaomeng looked at me and didn't talk and turned away. On the way home, Xiaomeng came to me, she told me what happened in the physical education class today. My tears flowed down the corner of my eyes. Down, when a few classmates came over and saw it, they came over and hugged me. They persuaded me. "What happened to Xiao Song?" do not Cry! "The students didn't know what happened, but the students' care made me excited! I looked up and wiped my tears. Although I didn't have a small son, I have so much care for me and my classmates." I am still happy! I realized many years later that happiness is so simple and simple enough to make people feel happy because of a few ordinary words.
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