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In the early days, cold cigarettes and thin cigarettes were classified as ladies' cigarettes. Marlboro, Mount Everest among cigarettes, in terms of output and sales, as well as market coverage, it has reached a height that I think is beyond the reach of all cigarettes. It's also a coincidence that they used to take the route of women's cigarettes, but they weren't selling well, and finally transformed and took the rough route. The times are different, and now the cooler is only to perfect the product category. Let’s take a look at the taste of the Marlboro double-fired pearl 5mg blueberry Japanese duty-free cigarette. Tar amount: 5mg smoke nicotine amount: 0. 4mg 1. Outer packaging appreciate this box of cigarettes are Japanese version, densely packed in Japanese, but The two beads are still very conspicuous on the packaging, especially on the back, with a special introduction to the taste. It is said that this cigarette is a seasonal limited edition, and you can't buy it after the season Cigarettes Online. The overall style of the packaging takes a cool route. The green and purple parts want to express a strong impact on the taste buds brought by the bursting beads, and the main color is mainly dark, which also indicates cold or even cold. The warnings on the front and other sides are still very large. The tar is 5mg and the smoke nicotine is 0. 4mg. If this is the flue-cured tobacco, it must be regarded as a low-scorch smoke. Mixed cigarettes are quite common with this kind of tar. The bottom of the package is the instructions for printing code and tax exemption. The printing code is not proficient. If it is not correct, I hope to correct it. The place of production is Lithuania. Take out a cigarette and take a closer look. The overall color of the cigarette is very simple and elegant Online Cigarettes. The two bursting purple blueberry beads on the filter tip are a little closer to the end, and the green mint beads are on the other end of the filter tip. A row of defocusing lines is quite obvious., It is clearly visible without strong light. I feel that the filter tip of this cigarette should be divided into two sections, otherwise it will be smelly if you draw two beads and pinch it. Disassembling one proved my prediction. Sure enough, the two-stage filter tip. After tearing the filter tip apart, two lovely beads appeared. After squeezing the tip Marlboro Cigarettes, the scent came out. It smelled cool, just imagine. I have to smoke for a while, and I can't help but feel a cool down. By the way, take a look at the shredded tobacco, although the filling is not particularly full, but the color is still very bright. Today’s light is actually not good. The automatic mode of the mobile phone can produce such photos, indicating that the appearance of the shredded tobacco is indeed a sophomore., Tasting and feelings. Ready to start smoking. Before smoking, you need to plan. Don't pinch the pop beads, pinch the blueberry beads, pinch the mint beads, pinch both, at least try these kinds of situations. I didn’t pinch the explosion beads and ignited it. Although I vomited the first bite, I found it was cold. The feeling of coldness combined with the smoke is quite comfortable. You have to smoke slowly. The smoke resistance is a bit obvious, and the smoke itself The smell will be overwhelmed by the cool feeling. Basically, people who have never smoked cold cigarettes begin to label their cigarettes when they feel this level. They can accept it, to what extent, or not. I personally think that even if you don’t squeeze the beads, it is also very surprising, but the satisfaction of the cigarette is a little bit less satisfying. Let’s pinch the blueberry beads. This cigarette is basically a chilly fruit cigarette. The fruity taste is very pure. If you eat blueberries often, or if people around you often eat blueberries, you will find how authentic the taste is.. It feels like you can't stop smoking, and the sense of pleasure is obvious, and the sense of satisfaction is a little bit stronger than not pinching the beads. I personally like the smoke in this state. Pinching the mint beads, it’s super cool. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s the feeling of midsummer changing to severe winter. The shock is absolutely overwhelming. I think it will be crazy if I control the cold smoke. I feel reasonable, but it’s actually a bit cold. The good thing is that you can kill other cold smokes in seconds, and you may even be able to kill yourself in seconds. To put it in a nasty way, it scared me, thinking it was not a cigarette. I personally don't like this state very much. Pinch the two beads together. This method of drawing is very good. The pure fruity flavor + super cool feeling, combined to raise the respective taste by another level, like the feeling of taking it out of the refrigerator, the smoke seems to be frozen, I don’t feel much when I breathe, but when I breathe out, the smoke is cool with the cool air. This is a peak state of taste, I personally like it.
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