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09.01.2020 08:19
Denying the existence of a city Antworten

In the Japanese film "Yin and Yang Division", Abe Qingming, the Yin and Yang division, said: A person's name is the shortest mantra in the world. Many times, place names carry memories: a place name that is meaningless to an outsider means a long unforgettable life experience for someone. At other times, place names represent the imagination between reality and reality. Even in a city thousands of miles away, many place names have long been familiar, because they have seen countless times in light and shadow writing. For the generation who grew up watching Hong Kong novels, TVB dramas and Hong Kong films in the video hall, Hong Kong should be the city that can report the most place names without having to go. Most of those place names come from literary works: Repulse Bay with white fringes, Central of Yishu Girl, Causeway Bay with confusing young people ... From the bustling Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui to remote Tin Shui Wai, Tuen Mun, Lamma Island, most of the place names can be matched A novel, movie or series is so connected that when I first traveled to Hong Kong many years later, I took a car from the airport and drove across the Tsing Ma Bridge, which appeared countless times in the movie. Every traffic sign along the way The place names on the cards seem to jump into their eyes with an exclamation mark: Kowloon! Jiandong! Clearwater Bay! At that moment, the whole city was not a shopping center for financial centers at all. It was just an oversized movie theater and studio. It was like passing the ��Chaiwan�� sign outside the window when it was on the subway. I remember the first time I heard about the place name "Chai Wan": In the dirty video room, the projection screen was showing "heroes". The little horse heard that the boss would send his younger brother Ah Cheng to go to Taiwan to negotiate business with Song Zihao. He exaggeratedly frightened Ah Cheng: "Taiwan! Do you think Chai Wan? I dare not go to Taiwan for decades. Do you know why? Because there are too many flat drills, many watermelon knives, and drinking beer will also drunk you ... "It is an episode that I can't help but laugh every time I watch. After laughing and joking, Song Zihao took Acheng to Taiwan. This is a sudden change, this is a vicissitudes of the sea ... and on the Avenue of Stars where fans must go, walk up to the middle and see a large signboard on the side of the road��the sign and symbol of the movie, the entire avenue. It is inlaid with the signatures and palm prints of nearly a hundred filmmakers, and across the sea water, the Victoria Harbour opposite is more like a movie set than ever, beautiful and unreal. Standing next to this signboard, I was suddenly not sure. The city in front of me was the Hong Kong that I had seen in the movie for twenty years Carton Of Cigarettes. Does that Hong Kong really exist? Not only Hong Kong, such a real and imaginary city can also have Hemingway's Paris, Fitzgerald's New York, Kawabata Yasunari's Kyoto ... even if the same city is in the same era, in different works These same cities will also be endowed with different colors, rhythms and atmospheres-Chen Yingzhen's Taipei and Bai Xianyong's Taipei are not the same thing. Wang Jiawei's Hong Kong is different from Zhang Wanting's Hong Kong. ... do they exist? Denying the existence of a city is undoubtedly absurd. However, even if you can find their names on the world map and flight list, those imaginary, text and shadow cities are definitely not the place to buy a ticket. Just like my Xi'an Marlboro Cigarettes, it is no longer Changan. And life is nothing but a big dream. Those cities and streets that exist between reality and reality but not actually exist, maybe just a deeper dream in this big dream. Sometimes this fact can't help but be sad-even in dreams, we still need another dream.

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