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09.01.2020 08:19
s great spirit at "Wei" Antworten

Baudelaire said that it was time to wake up. As soon as we lift our eyes, we will find that there are many intoxicants around us: indulge in power, indulge in sensuality, indulge in money, and enjoy themselves. Wake them up? Or just keep them intoxicated? This is a question from a thinker. For this reason, Lu Xun was hesitant, wandering, and confused in his thoughts. Zhang Peihe answered the practitioners of Baudelaire with "Thinking Collection", "Wisdom Collection" and "Weak Thought Collection": Now is the time for thought. His intelligent mind kept thinking, and the word "thinking" was the most annotated word in his life dictionary. "Quiet" means peace of mind; if you don't calm down, even if you go into the well, you will be stunned. No matter how lively the outside world is, Zhang Peihe's heart is quiet, like a silver needle Parliament Cigarettes, like a pool of autumn water. As he said: "I am a commoner, and I lived in the backcountry of the Longdong Plateau as a child and lived without food or clothes ... Finally, I was admitted to the university and jumped out of the farm gate into the city ... and lived a peaceful life. "The reason why he can live a peaceful life is that he doesn't have too many desires. He said," If we only need 50 bags of noodles in our lives, life will be smooth. We will be enough if we eat 100 bags of noodles, but modern Many people have already saved 1,000 bags of noodles. I don't know what it means? "Zhang Peihe's desire is very thin, and simply living is his outlook on life; simply living is the basis of his thinking. "Hui" is the challenge of "Fool". Another bright spot in Zhang Peihe's thought is that as a person, you don't have to live too smart, but you must live wisely. Zhang Peihe's wisdom is not a small trick, but a big law. Zhang Peihe's wisdom is to explain modern life and contemporary life with the part of traditional culture that is worth developing. What he emphasized was "happiness is actually very simple", "let it go", "heart wide and world wide", "filial piety", "benevolent", "good". According to Zhang Peihe Newport Cigarettes Coupons, an unfilial person is an untrustworthy person. In life, Zhang Peihe's heart of "filial piety" and "goodness" is worthy, and "benevolent" is respectable. This practice of Zhang Peihe seems to be "foolish" to some profit-seeking people. In the minds of these people, "benefits" and "goodness" have all been monetized. It is a matter of course to exchange "ren" and "goodness" into banknotes. Zhang Peihe's "Hui" thinking is exactly the conflict. After "Hui" thinking, he insists on his belief in being a person. Zhang Peihe's "wisdom" thinking can also be said to be "hui" thinking. "Wei" is the counterpart of "Miao". Zhang Peihe's "micro" thinking is by no means a small meaning. It contains a "micro" view, but it is not just. In my opinion, his "micro" thoughts are wonderful thoughts. He sees great spirit at "Wei", just like Ye Zhiqiu. "Wei" is his alertness to "false, big, empty", another way he thinks carefully, and an expression of the depth of his thinking. In the "Thinking Collection", he still thinks about the human way, the emotional world, the spiritual realm, and the world life. His thinking is deeper and broader; he has strength and spirit. His thinking was more innocent and more pure. Thought does not make people happy, but it causes pain; however, it also makes people sober and firm Marlboro Red. Zhang Peihe's life is colorful because he is sober and determined. What I read from his anthology is his inner virginity and purity
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