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27.10.2020 01:31
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I lit a scene of Huangguoshu and started to vomit. The first taste, one word, mellow; two words, mellow; three words, very mellow Online Cigarettes. After inhaling, the smoke passes through the mouth, flips and enters the nasal cavity. The smoke is soft and tastes fresh. The smoke that passes through the nose is more like the freshness and purity of large-print cigarettes. After inhaling two large mouths in succession, as the amount of smoke increases, the smoke entering the mouth becomes thicker and thicker at the same time. The lips, teeth, and tongue felt hot and spicy Cigarettes For Sale, and the throat was also tight at the same time, indicating a slight itching sensation. The masses of smoke hit the lungs in a timely manner Cigarettes Online, and the satisfaction is stronger than the entry of a small dose of smoke. The smoke at the tail end does not have obvious burrs and floating feeling. It basically continues the clear and clear outer packaging of the front part of the smoke. The main color is dark blue. When the finger touches the cigarette box, some frosty texture is transmitted. Personally like it better. The deep blue hue gave me an intuitive impression as if I was appreciating the tranquil night sky, vast, vast and remote, and the overall picture of the cigarette case was simple and clear. The reason why the scene is named is probably inextricably linked to Huangshu Waterfall. The tin foil of the inner shirt is very conspicuous in color, golden tones, and the tones of the filter tips complement and harmonize with the overall packaging of the cigarette box.
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