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15.09.2020 08:48
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Open the package, the cigarette is for smoking, not for viewing, so you have to open the package to smoke, tear off the lines, cellophane, and open the lid of the cigarette box. The silver tin foil is a neat cigarette. Tear off the tin foil., Smell the scent of the tobacco before it is burned Newport 100S, a unique flavor of seasoning, unique to Marlboro cigarettes, this smell is very good, fresh, fruity, indescribable, it feels good, really not Described. To say that the tobacco did not have the flavor before smoking, the current cigarettes are the original flavor left after the flavoring and fermentation. Of course, the raw tobacco leaves are not in this flavor. Cigarettes: The cigarettes are very full and the shredded tobacco is relatively bright. The overall cigarette looks really simple. It is precisely because of the unpretentious nature that the cigarette has an extraordinary value, of course, this is not a hard condition for it to become a classic. The filter is also very simple, it seems difficult to be associated with its own price, but the filter is indeed inconspicuous, but the hand is very flexible. The pattern of the cigarette is not on the filter Newport Cigarettes Coupons. In the cigarette case, it is blocked by a bunch of pinyin. There is the word "Marlboro" on it. The font is vigorous and powerful. Light it up, take the first bite, spit it out, and leave less lingering scent in your mouth. After taking the second sip, a fresh fragrance lingered between the upper jaw and nasal cavity, feeling the smoke was very soft, and then on the third sip, it felt very moist, and the tension of the smoke was moderate, stable and peaceful. Then I took a sip and felt the smoke taste very rich and smooth. After most of the cigarettes, the strength of the cigarette has increased significantly, but the adaptability of the mouth is still very satisfying. I feel that the cigarette is very adaptable to the taste of the public. When the cigarette was smoked to the end, the taste of the smoke was slightly green. The smoke has a slight change from thin to strong Cheap Cigarettes, and the strong sense of the smoke is not the usual strong. The intensity of this intensity is very subtle, of course it is not as strong and punchy as a normal cigarette. Why is such a strong sense of subtlety, because the slight change makes the smokey rhyme very refreshing and refreshing, and the strong sense at this time is just enough to satisfy the sense of invisibility and satisfaction, as if it has been resolved by something. Can't tell. This fine taste of smoke really feels that it is the greatest success in perfumery. Why do you say that? It not only brings out the pleasant smell of smoke, but also has the rhythm of the original fragrance. In addition, the taste has a delicate fragrance and softness. This may be another reason why the cigarette has become "currency". However, although the tobacco was full, it was not resistant to burning, and it burned out soon.
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